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We don’t always get the chance to be a part of something big–something that will change the way people live their lives every day. Vivint gives you that chance. There’s no better time than now; there’s no better place than here.

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Dan Swiss

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Whatever your plans for the future are, it all starts with you. Whether you want to graduate debt free, buy a house or start a business, it begins here. Personal growth and finacial achievements are part of what makes our company great. Use Vivint as a summer job to save money for school or turn this opportunity into a year round career. Which ever route you take we have a program for you.

The average first year rep makes $22,000 in 4 months.

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I truly believe we are just getting started. Smart Home is the future and Vivint is positioned to own it.

Todd Pederson - CEO, Vivint Smart Home

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How can we make every sale easier?

We believe in a rigorous creative process. Each product is meticulously examined, designed, redesigned, and tested. `We’re doing more than just making cool stuff–we’re making cool stuff that makes our lives seamless, intuitive and secure.

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Culture is the lifeblood of our company. With over a dozen sales competitions, international incentive and charity trips, and $6 million in awards, and prizes. Smart Home Pros is positioned as a leading employer in North America.

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Todd Pedersen - CEO, Vivint Inc.